My Story Your Story His Story

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-April Wilkerson, Shawnee News-Star, Shawnee, Oklahoma

"There's neither deep theology nor earth-shattering tales in Larry Toller's new book. But it's the simplicity of the stories that he hopes will stir people. Toller is promoting "memory journaling" with his book My Story Your Story His Story. It's Toller's passion-turned-publication that may just send people exploring their past for stories that weave through the generations."

-Vicki Bennington, The Telegraph, Alton, Illinois (click here)

- April, Belleville, IL
The book allows you to share the life of the author as you get Biblical insights and the chance to share your story right in the book. It can provide a cherished heirloom for many generations as you pass it down to your children.

- Paula, Decatur, TX
Amid a culture that is so fast-paced, this book is so timely! How much we need to consider the legacy we are leaving for those who come behind us. Who doesn't enjoy a good story? I know I do! This book beautifully weaves the stories from Larry Toller's life with the impact they had upon him. What a treasure we can offer to our children and our grandchildren by simply taking the time to record those little moments in life that have brought us joy or pain or other emotions. Yes, Larry encourages us to write--not worrying about how skilled we are. And as we write, we are offering those we love our time--and glimpses into the times that shaped our lives! Thank you, Larry!

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