My Story Your Story His Story

Imagine if you had stories in your hand from your grandmother, father or other beloved family members.
Wouldn't they be irreplaceable?

The passing of stories from one generation to another has been a long standing tradition throughout history.

But where are the stories today? Where are the stories of faith, love, friendship, humor and a library of other topics?

They need to be written.

They need to be told.

We invite your church to host a SecondWind Event.

Come and reminisce with us as we rediscover the wonder of story telling for future generations.

Many SecondWind Events are led by Larry Toller; author of the book My Story Your Story His Story.
The event will not only inspire and challenge but will answer these questions:

- What is my legacy and why is it important?
- What is my responsibility to "the next generation"?
- How do I share "My Story"?
- How can I change the world and influence millions of people?

SecondWind Events