My Story Your Story His Story


My primary focus is family relationships.  My Story Your Story His Story provides you with an opportunity to have a relational encounter and spiritual influence on your family, for generations to come.
- - Dr. Gary Smalley, Author of The DNA of Relationships.

Larry Toller's book, My Story Your Story His Story is an unusually engaging writing that offers far more than casual reading.  Unlike most books, Larry offers his readers the opportunity to "jump into" the story and indeed, become the story.  With delightful prose and illuminating style, one feels as  if  he  is  sitting  on  the  back  porch  recounting  life's  precious memories with an old friend.  My Story Your Story His Story invites readers to record those things which "ought" to be recorded for posterity . . . an effort which could produce captured imprints for generations to come!
- - Dr. Robert Imhoff, President of Mid-Continent University, Mayfield, Kentucky

George Mueller, the great pastor and spiritual giant of Bristol, England studiously recorded what God had done in His life and ministry. His aim was simple: to show the world that God was a "prayer hearing and prayer answering God." Countless thousands have been blessed since that time because he took the time to record God's provision. Larry Toller, with wit and insight is giving us all a great look into his life and ministry. Better still, he has given us a tool to challenge us to record our own story, the record of God's dealings in our lives. Take the time to read and be blessed and to write and bless others! Those who follow you will be encouraged to see that God is faithful to ALL generations.
- - Bill Elliff, Directional Pastor, The Summit Church, North Little Rock, Arkansas

A simple story is powerful. It can spark the memory, ignite the imagination, and etch truth into the mind. Jesus masterfully used stories to drive home eternal truths to the hearts and minds of his hearers. With simplicity and clarity Larry Toller has recaptured the power of stories. His stories will bring back memories and lessons you may have forgotten. Take time to listen and reflect on his stories; then use them to remember, and learn again from the stories of your life.
- - Jim Rahtjen, Pastor, Glenfield Baptist Church, Glen Ellyn, Illinois

As a child growing up in churches in the rural south, I remember singing, at top of my lungs, the old hymn, ā€˜I Love to Tell the Story.ā€™  In this insightful book, Larry Toller helps us to tell that story in fresh ways that will bring hope and encouragement to family and friends.  Iā€™m glad that God gifted Larry to offer this book to us.ā€
- - Dr. Andrew Westmoreland, President, Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama

What a wonderful gift Larry Toller has given the readers of this special book and journal.  With warmth and humor these everyday glimpses of eternity inspire and invite us to recognize those moments in our own lives.  As story begets story and memory begets memory I invite you to participate and record your own moments of the heart.  You'll be glad you did, and so will those you
Love.- - Nate Adams, Executive Director, Illinois Baptist State Association, Springfield, Illinois